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Roadmap to 2030

Food waste is a systemwide problem, and solving it will require a systemwide response. Our Roadmap to 2030: Reducing U.S. Food Waste by 50% looks at the entire food supply chain and identifies seven key action areas to help guide the food system’s efforts over the next ten years. In line with the "Target-Measure-Act" framework for food waste reduction that’s been adopted around the world, the Roadmap to 2030 is a critical blueprint to help the food system take action. View the entire report on this website or download our "at-a-glance" version with key highlights.

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2018 U.S. Food Waste Investment Report

2021 Annual Impact Report

From aggregating and analyzing data to generate insights and drive adoption of food waste solutions through the launch of the ReFED Insights Engine, to catalyzing capital investment to spark and scale innovation, the 2021 Annual Impact Report reflects on our work last year to build a more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive food system.

Download 2021 Annual Impact Report

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